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在我们的3G版网站的项目中使用了html5 application cache,将大部分图片资源、js、css等静态资源放在manifest文件中,需要了解的朋友可以参考下 在我们的3G版网站的项目中使用了html5 application cache,将大部分图片资源、js、css等静态资源放在manifest文件中。

没想到上线第一天就遇到了严重问题:application cache会默认缓存当前页面!!!就算我们有如下设置:


也就是说,对于所有的动态页面,application cache会缓存起来,用户怎么刷新都是老的!




Do not use appcache unless it is REALLY 100% EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO
Even if it IS 100% EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, *DO NOT* use appcache until you are 100% CERTAIN that you are not going to make a single change to that page (or any file that it links to) for a LONG time.
Delete the manifest file from the server -- if the browser can't find the manifest file, then it will clear its cache... ...this will also turn caching off for everyone.
Don't turn it on again until it's 100% CORRECT
Dealing with appcache is miserable, often.
解决办法很简单,在服务器端删除掉manifest文件,并且慎用application cache

当然,也有办法是用application cache,同时能绕过自动缓存当前页面的问题。那就是用iframe

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